HTx Services at a Glance


Servicing clients in all 48 contiguous states, with HTx offices and field engineers in 16 states

IT Infrastructure

50,000+ end-point devices, 2,000+ servers, 15,000+ desktops, and 7,500 printers

Multi-vendor ATM

2,500+ ATMs supported

Projects Deployment

Manage the deployment of 30,000+ devices per year

Warehouse Services

50,000 square ft warehouse space

Repair Depot

150,000+ parts repaired “Like New” every

What is htx services?

HTx Services is a global IT infrastructure and ATM Services Company. We provide a full suite of technical and consulting services that are designed to ensure that your firm is prepared to take advantage of the technology enhancements of the future. Built from an experienced team of individuals that have been supporting major banking and financial institutions for over 20 years, HTx Services offers a unique approach that is focused on customer service and operational readiness. Our goal is to help you address and resolve the technology issues that emerge every day, allowing you to focus on your business needs and growth strategy. Our innovative approach will offer you the opportunity to turn to one service provider to handle all of your technology needs, from ATM to Digital Marketing. HTx Services can be your single point of contact for resolving all your technical challenges and ensuring your environment is available and ready for production.