HTx Services offers complete technology support for financial institutions. We work with each customer to customize their solutions and create an individual SLA that meets their business requirements. Our philosophy is unique in the industry, in that all our SLAs guarantee a resolution time — not simply a time to respond.

HTx Services provides a unique, single point of contact to handle all Technology Infrastructure, and ATM maintenance needs, for your company. Combining an integrated on-site support organization with a world class command center, HTx Services can cost effectively provide Level 1, 2 or 3 support in a multi- vendor environment.

Our Professional Services team provides a specialized broad spectrum of services including: consulting, engineering, analytical, and project management services.

HTx Services is always ready to respond to your specific needs with integrated maintenance and support programs designed to resolve your technology issues and provide our customers the time to focus on their business.

ATM Support

Infrastructure Support

Engineering Services

Managed Services

Our technicians are experienced in providing support to a wide variety of ATM suppliers and are skilled to take on even the most difficult or advanced technical issues.

HTx can also provide a broad spectrum of services to meet more complex technical needs. Our engineering services team offers ATM and IT engineering and advisory services, as well as technical product design and solution architecture.

HTx Field Services is a customer focused team that provides support across multiple technologies and product platforms. This unique universal support approach simplifies your day and will provide you the comfort to know that the job will be done right…the first time.

HTx Services offers customizable maintenance programs that are focused on “Mean Time To – REPAIR”, not just “Mean Time To – Respond”. Our service offering is second to none. HTx Services is committed to not only focusing on the timeliness of the repair, but also the quality of the service.

Providing on-site diagnostics and comprehensive service for financial institutions branches and back offices. Our Field Service support team is the heart of HTx Services client-oriented philosophy of service, trust, satisfaction, and excellence. Our technicians have the capability to fix a wide variety of ATM makes or models. Among the best in the business, our support technicians pride themselves on offering only the highest level of service and professionalism. They’re uniquely qualified to handle the most difficult issues, and provide a resolution quickly and cost effectively. Services include:
  • First line and second line maintenance for ATMs
  • End user Infrastructure repair (desktop, printer, telephone, scanner, etc.)
  • Remote Services
  • Move/Add/Change
  • Hotfix Support
  • Monitoring
Programs offered:
  • Maintenance service plans
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Branch ownership plans

Our knowledgeable and skilled Infrastructure Support team, can provide the solution to an ever changing technology world.

HTx Services understands how hard our customers work, and the challenges they face in staying abreast of the changes in technology Our outstanding infrastructure team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all of your technology questions and concerns.

With decades of experience in information systems and certified in a vast array of technology, our infrastructure tech support team is second to none.

Services Includes:

  • Application monitoring
  • Hotfix support
  • Recommending, ordering, and testing hardware to help your company achieve maximum efficiency
  • System integration for phones (VolP), computers, servers, tablets, email
  • Move/Add/Change
  • Remote Remediation
  • Project deployment

HTx Services engineering team provides solutions that will enhance your business’s performance and your overall Return on Investment

HTx Services Engineering team is responsible for developing the solutions that will improve a client’s operation and experience. Our Engineering professionals, with decades of industry-specific experience, will deliver customized and integrated solutions for your business. The Engineering team meets our customer requirements by implementing solutions based on the latest engineering practices while complying to all applicable industry standards and regulations.

Services include:

  • Product design and development
  • Product evaluation
  • Maintainability and serviceability validation
  • ADA compliance guidance
  • Performance analytics
  • Design enhancement recommendations
  • Network Engineering

Project Management

We provide highly experienced project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

Our Project Management team has extensive experience in managing large scale enterprise deployment programs as well as small site projects across multiple platforms, products, and regions.

We ensure these projects are completed in a time conscious manner. Our team of qualified professionals ensure that all SLA-bound objectives are executed flawlessly, keeping you updated every step of the way.

  • Windows 10 Upgrades
  • Advanced Exchange Program
  • Jackpotting
  • Wi-Fi Solutions

Command Center

The HTx Services Command Center centrally coordinates our teams’ activities, from small scale daily operations to major mobilizations.

Directing our efforts from one consolidated hub provides us the ability to set standard processes, and drive predictable results that exceed customer expectations.

We design and deliver services for our customers, at every hour of every day-regardless of what is happening in the environment.  The Command Center team is always monitoring the environment, and always ready to act.

Services supported include:

  • Technician route management and oversight
  • Service-level compliance
  • Service desk operations
  • Level 2 remote support
  • ATM monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring

Services include:

  • Software development release management
  • Planning and release scheduling management
  • Quality assurance certification tests
  • Defect management and prioritization
  • Hardware-software integration

The HTx Services Command Center provides oversight and control into all service operations at any given time.

Mobile Solutions

We can help you manage your mobile environment smarter. Our team will work with you to solve your firm’s mobile challenges. Our solution will be smart, simple and superior.

HTx Services understand mobilizing your business will provide you with the ability to transform nearly every aspect of your business. We provide comprehensive solutions that will assist you in staying connected to your business.

Our Mobile Solutions Team can help your business turn mobile devices into powerful tools, that will oprimize the way you conduct your business.

Our services include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity including heat mapping; service of hardware and network
  • Configure phones and tables
  • Resolution to any other mobile-technology problems that you have

ATM Remote Monitoring

  • Reboot and Remote Control – provide remote restart/reboot, log off, and shutdown command issuance; in addition to remote KVM control capabilities
  • Content Delivery – apply OEM or 3rd party customization packages to display marketing content on target devices
  • Operating System Hotfix Deployment – apply OEM vendor packages to install Microsoft operating system security hotfixes on target devices
  •  Application Update Deployment – apply OEM packages to install ATM application patches on target devices
  • Electronic Journal Retrieval – provide customer with console access to remotely pull ATM electronic journal logs
  • Asset Control – provide an inventory of hardware and software installed on each ATM within the fleet


HTx Services employs a secure remote management and support application for customers requiring remote services

Wall to Wall Branch Support

HTx Services has the capability to support ALL technology currently installed in your Banking Branch offices; at a lower cost and improved service level.

HTx Services offers integrated maintenance and services programs for all the technology in your branch. Our universal technician is fully crossed trained to provide quality technical assistance across all vendors and platforms, therefore eliminating your need for multi-vendors.

HTx Services decades of experience within the financial services industry brings a profound understanding of all the technology that is needed to efficiently run your business, while focusing on the future of the industry.

Our Wall to Wall Branch Services includes our universal technician at the point of contact that handles all technology concerns; combined with an entire suite of offerings that enhances the quality of service.

Included in this level of services:

  • Field services
  • Command Center
  • ATM Support
  • IT Support

Performance Analytics

HTx Services understands that managing your day to day operations is difficult.

HTx Services offers analytics technology, tools, and techniques that transform facts and figures into strategic insights about your business.  We assist you in making fact-based decisions about your business that will increase overall performance along with profitable growth, while mitigating risks.

With years of experience, our Performance Analytics team has developed techniques in critical thinking and complex problem solving that will elevate your business to the next level.

Our Services include:

  • Financial analysis
  • Trending analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Maximize return on investment

Today’s TECHNOLOGY IS very complex. Real time performance management that can help your business improve its operation and improve system availability is a must. Our Business Intelligence Team can help!



Our corporate office is in New York, located close to Manhattan. We have staff all through the country, including two strategic hubs in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Van Nuys, California.


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